Is it cheating to repeat a post on LinkedIn? And is it cheating to repeat a blogpost from this past January?

I am about to cheat, then. And encourage you to as well, but both in a good way. Good cheating, like “good trouble,” as civil rights leader and legislator par excellence John Lewis used to call it.

Is it possible that you have something to say that was either too ahead of the game or too untimely to be noticed to the extent you expected the response to be.

For me, I get laments from clients and colleagues that a post they thought was so spot on went off the radar.

No engagement or comments or even–eeek-emojis! Or at least not the engagement that was anticipated. (Although I will argue that emojis are not really engagement!)

I published this blog post and still I get questions about how to raise consciousness about a topic that seemed to go over or under readers’ heads.

Not enough attraction to gain traction and what to do about it, ICYMI. You can do the same on your posts that seem to fall flat.

Try it. Let me know if you get better attention at another time and with a few well-chosen words added.