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Would you like to know how to:
  • jumpstart your use of LinkedIn to keep your business pipeline fuller?
  • differentiate yourself from the rest of your industry?
  • demonstrate to clients why they should use your services with every impression you make?
Do you seek:
  • a coach who has helped thousands of new and seasoned professionals
    • from 17-year-olds to 84-years-olds
    • attorneys to zoologists
    • from Argentina to Zimbabwe?

I’ve got the insight.

  • a consummate professional teaching self-marketing, above in-bred reluctance to talk about yourself and the noise of other consultants?

I’m the right guy.

Don’t put this off, or miss your chance for that golden opportunity that comes your way on LinkedIn.

I’ll make it fun. Yes, I said fun. A-ha moments guaranteed.

I have taught LinkedIn to thousands of new and seasoned professionals

Recent Graduates

to find their all-important starting job and catapult their career to increased success, from their first position, throughout their working years

Job Seekers

to source connections to the hidden vein of unadvertised jobs and finesse the inside scoop on the prospective employer via connections who already work there


to project a uniform marketing voice of all employees in the organization to improve its image and thus attract donors, staff, volunteers, and board members


to help make your small business look deeper without the overhead but offering the cerebral expertise and nimble energy that entrepreneurs uniquely bring

Small Businesses

to extract more marketing productivity, optimizing each public-facing employee’s use of company content, improve image, and enhance reach to your target market


to finesse connections and referrals and fill the pipeline of RFPs and other opportunities to provide your technical expertise, with your “special sauce”

My clients rank me at 90-95% approval for my work, expressing how pleased they are after refining their  self-image and achieving a far more expressive LinkedIn profile, reshaped with my insight added to their new career narrative.

Find out how I can offer this to you and let’s get to work.


About my services

I offer multiple ways to achieve success on LinkedIn:

Get personal

One-on-one Coaching

You and me. Customized, personal coaching to level up your LinkedIn persona. Each 90-minute session is recorded for your sole review to accomplish the homework. In four sessions over 6 weeks, you will add enhanced authenticity to your career narrative on LinkedIn. Yes, I’ll cajole you to stretch a bit further, but together we arrive at the optimal wording of your newly renovated profile, true to your personality and to be admired by others. You leave my coaching energized to keep using LinkedIn to spread your wisdom and experience.

Bring the team

Group Training

Working with your in-house experts, we ascertain what’s needed for the staff to reinforce the company-wide LinkedIn message. My high-octane training (online and/or live) works particularly well at professional practice firms, corporations, nonprofits, and industry associations, keeping the audience energized and conversant. I complete the package with a personal follow-up session, required for each attendee, for accountability and interactive review of their proposed LinkedIn profile. It’s a group effort to keep staff profiles reflecting why and how the company looks its best, one employee LinkedIn profile at a time.



If you learn better online, my virtual course “LinkedIn for Baby Boomers (and Other Encore Career Changers)” lays out the new employment reality to mature workers to self-assess their skillsets in the job market, mindful of younger competitors. Start, stop, review at your own pace, and it includes a questionnaire and other materials to make this more a meaningful exercise for your encore, whatever it may be.

person using laptop
'You Us Them' & 'LinkedIn Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Pracitices' book covers
Be a bookworm


If you absorb better by reading, either of my books might be the fit for you:

  • My self-published book “You, Us, Them: LinkedIn Marketing Concepts for Nonprofit Professionals” implores its readers to think more of the larger picture: how each nonprofit pro with public reach must express how they make the organization look its best as a whole, to attract outside funding, expertise, and volunteers. It contains 3 case studies to emulate these organizations’ successes.
  • My book for the American Bar Association “LinkedIn Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices” is a field guide to making any professional practitioner lacking marketing experience to self-brand themselves and their firm. It’s written in a conversational voice, as if I am speaking to you directly. In the second edition I have included ancillary materials on Emotional Intelligence and how to usethe Japanese concept "ikigai" for self-definition, both to make the self-branding journey just a little more introspective. I also asked 3 respected colleagues to contribute guest chapters on 1) ethical do's and don'ts for attorneys using LinkedIn, 2) A recruiter's viewpoint on being found in the search on LinkedIn, and 3) making Linkedin an integral part of your marketing plan.
Completely Custom

Strategic Marketing Projects

And if none of the above perfectly fits the project you envision, let’s talk about how I can offer my insights to make LinkedIn suit your needs. Past consulting assignments include:

  • a dramatic branding change for a booming tech company entering a new vertical,
  • niche marketing a garden-themed European river boat cruise for LinkedIn’s high net worth members, and
  • registering senior executives to attend an annual global fintech hybrid conference, previously cancelled by the pandemic.
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So how can I help you? Your choice.

I help make a difference in my clients’ LinkedIn success, and that is exactly “why I do what I do.”

My infectious enthusiasm for LinkedIn makes it a power tool that will serve your own needs.

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