“You, Us, Them: LinkedIn Marketing Concepts for Nonprofit Professionals Who Really Want to Make a Difference”


You Use Them Book Cover

From the back cover of my book:

This is the only book on the market specifically aimed at teaching LinkedIn concepts to nonprofit professionals.

You: One person making a difference, telling us what’s dear to you and meaningful in your work, as only you can. Appear the best you can be on LinkedIn, approachable and active, so we can cheer you on as you achieve your next milestones. Be sure your personal LinkedIn profile fits within the intentions of your nonprofit organization’s brand.

Us: The power of the group’s coordinated message, inspiring and successful. The message to the business community on LinkedIn must be on-point and concise, everyone in the organization showing aside of the mission in their individual profiles, with no weak links.

Them: All kinds of people who have not yet contributed to your cause but are available to you to research, and selectively market to. When they are inspired by your cause, they offer you their expertise, time and money. On LinkedIn, they are businesspeople and business entities: attention-deprived, questioning, and return-on-investment-driven. Appeal to both their intellect and their emotional desire to help, as we all pay it forward.

Are the three incompatible? Not if you work on LinkedIn using the concepts I showed you.
Cohesive? Certainly. This will take work, but it is attainable. Feed and cultivate it continually. Collaborative? Ah, the best of all worlds, all three rowing the boat in the same direction.

What others have said in their reviews of my book:

“Linkedin is one of the most powerful tools available to us yet for many, it gets the least amount of attention. With over 1.4 million charities in the US, donors have more choices than ever. Non-profits need to be intentional about building their networks and sharing their messages in as many channels as possible.

Marc Halpert is one of the leading experts on Linked In and how to use it to its full potential. You, Us, Them is written for the non-profit professional. Halpert understands the unique challenges that non-profits face and provides tactical and practical ideas that anyone can implement regardless of budget. It’s an easy read, no fluff, just solid, usable content. Everyone in your shop should study this book!”

Joseph Tumolo

“In You, Us, Them, Marc Halpert has deftly identified the three target audiences that nonprofits should be mindful to address – whether online or off. He outlines the needs and key characteristics of each target group. Since most nonprofit professionals are not marketing or social media experts, the material addresses the “who, why and how” needed to drill down into each of these audiences. This easy-to-read volume discusses the material from the conceptual to the brass tacks.

Marc Halpert is an impassioned speaker, trainer, and pundit on the topic of LinkedIn. He is acknowledged by LinkedIn, itself, as a subject matter expert. You, Us, Them is a how-to guide for using this vehicle to maximize awareness of the mission and to increase fundraising potential. It is recommended reading for nonprofit executives across-the-board!”

Karen Perry

“This is an easy book to read. From the beginning Marc understands the nonprofit sector and has smartly divided this book into the 3 sections necessary for nonprofits to attract and maintain relationships with all stakeholders. He explains the value of using LinkedIn as a marketing tool to keep an organization in the forefront. This is not a how to do book but a concept book which gives a clear and concise message that every nonprofit professional will want to pay attention to. Not only did I learn new thoughts and techniques that I will be using, but it reinforced or changed the ones I believed.”

Sonya Saleh

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