• don’t speak factoid
  • do not de-verb
  • where’re your adjectives/adverbs
  • speak like a human

Notice what I did above. I “resumated.” UGH.

Let me restate each, rather than 4 bullet points:

You have the greatest opportunity to shine light on your personality and demonstrate your depth of understanding on LinkedIn, using full sentences. But you have to work on it, it takes a mindset change to fully express yourself in a hack- and factoid-friendly world. You know: subject-predicate-direct object/indirect object. Try it. Hone your writing as if you are presenting to a board of directors. No passive voice, do you hear me, ever.

Leave fifth grade verbs like has, was, make, did behind you and do not bore your readers. Employ any of these (and select carefully from the rich selection!) Choose the right tense of the verb based on the context.

Flourishes on your writing with adjectives and adverbs create interest and memory that you express yourself well. Read others’ writing that you admire and emulate their rich vocabulary and elegant explanations. Edit. A lot.

Finally, and the best part of all, play with words and alliterate and create puns and word games to show your intellectual curiosity. Make others want to read you. Because you are a beautiful, curious, and articulate human, showing he world what you offer. Then they will nibble on your trail of writing enough to devour your intellectualizing on topics in your area(s) of expertise.

Right? That’s what you want, isn’t it?