There it was, another connection request, no information, just the boiler plate greeting, but I did notice she was connected to an old friend.

How did I know this? I read her LinkedIn profile.

I replied before giving her any further thought to connect, “How can I help you?” Open-ended, friendly, and signed my name.

Her reply: “What type of work do you do?”


No time invested to converse with me, as in not reading my profile,  not even my Headline?

Instant rejection, dismissed. (I am not making this stuff up. It really happened!)

Folks, we write our profiles for understanding why we do what we do, not a guessing game like “What’s My Line.”

And it’s not an exercise in my own self-impression. It’s designed to start with the basics, to make the conversation richer and my offerings more understandable. And foster connectivity.

Similarly, before you pick up the phone or start the zoom chat to follow up on a referral, read, absorb, and formulate questions about the counterpart using their LinkedIn profile as a stepping stone.

Please use the tools in your toolbox correctly.