You may have read me say in the past that the algorithm decides what content you see (or not) and it is always changing.

My go-to algo nerds convene once a year to publish their newest research. I will spare you the agony of adapting to their findings as much of it best suits super-users who play the algo-game.

Long ago I decided not to.

I offer my readers quality of material that I find, collate, decline to print, and/or fervently concentrate on being a reliable, relevant source. Not a game player, feeding the algo’s huge appetite.

I’ll offer you 3 ideas that will benefit you, are easy to implement, and will ensure you are reading content from those you respect (I hope I am one of them!):

  1. Liked as post? Like an author’s voice or style to educate you and want to see more? 🔔 Ring the bell on their Profile.

2. Instead of getting the top posts trending on your feed (the default), you can override that and tell LinkedIn to give you the most recent ones. This will hold for a temporary period, so I suggest you make it a habit to click the downward arrow and get recent content every time you go to your Home Page. Yes, a nuisance, but ….

3. Add a signature footer to all your original posts so the reader can learn more about you, where else you appear on LinkedIn and on social media as a whole. Use hashtags, links, have ball! Here’s mine from a recent Newsletter piece:

So a few ideas to step aside and above the competition with the algo’s help, or better, lack thereof. Be amazing-er with words, phrases, concepts, ideas, and feed the global conversation, not the algo’s ego please.


I am Marc W. Halpert. Call me Marc.

I am a #linkedinexpert and #evangelist , now over 12+ years.

I teach how to tell #WHY you do what you do via LinkedIn for #selfbranding :

  • I coach individuals 1:1 on Zoom,
  • I train companies, professional firms, NGOs, and
  • I consult on LinkedIn techniques to market events and special projects.

All to be #amazinger than the competition. My word.

I wrote 2 LinkedIn books, 2 online e-courses, and you’ll hear me globally on podcasts.

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(PS I do not connect to people I do not already know or conduct business with.)