I met Jeff Young, The LinkedIn Guru, early in my career and we have conversed on and off to support each other’s effort to educate the professional LinkedIn population and spur them to do better.

It’s a Sunday morning about 700am and I noticed his post.

I agreed wholeheartedly, wanted to show him that, additionally building our relationship, and help his readers and he help mine, beyond what he wrote, with some additional educational resources for all involved. He replied. I replied, we conversed and we added to the global LinkedIn educational conversation.

Isn’t that what we are all here for? Thanks as always Jeff, and dear reader, please use this as an example of how you can open new frontiers with collegial experts you admire and trust to spread whatever knowledge you uniquely bring to the proverbial table.

To you, reader, that’s as many as 875 million people (OK, then think about this: how about just 1% of them to start?)

To Jeff, namaste. And I certainly enjoyed our side conversation while this was all going on! Let’s have more.


I am Marc W. Halpert. Call me Marc.

I am a #linkedinexpert and #evangelist , now over 12+ years.

I teach how to tell #WHY you do what you do via LinkedIn for #selfbranding :

  • I coach individuals 1:1 on Zoom,
  • I train companies, professional firms, NGOs, and
  • I consult on LinkedIn techniques to market events and special projects.

All to be #amazinger than the competition. My word.

I wrote 2 LinkedIn books, 2 online e-courses, and you’ll hear me globally on podcasts.

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