This week’s question came in via a message and I was happy to jump in:

I’m frustrated by not being able to share a post I wrote on my business page to my personal page.

It seems she was relying on a website with instructions that no longer apply in the current version of LinkedIn. Unfortunately there was no date on the website material, so the logical assumption is that its advice would still pertain.

But not anymore. So I pitched in to help her:

I think the link you are relying on for instructions is dated and LinkedIn has changed the functionality of sharing from your company Page to your personal posts. It’s a little more mechanical to do so these days.

I am attaching a screen share from a post I made on my company Page the other day, and you will see I clicked the 3 dots (see the little hand pointer) and show you the dropdown options.

In this case I would copy the link from my company page, start a new post on my personal page, paste it in a new post I make, and prelude with some commentary on what the reader is about to see and why it is important, thereby drawing them to your company page post you started with. You might want to end the post with an invitation to follow your company page as a call to action. Hope that’s helpful and clear.

Another great question and an answer to share with you this week.

Keep asking me your LinkedIn questions. I’ll pick the best of the week and reply to benefit everyone.