When you serve your expertise to hungry learners, are they sated, or do they walk away with some leftovers to enjoy later?

Do you give then too little, enough, or layer on too much (like this picture)?

(Some might say there is never too much pastrami!)

Recall the Goldilocks story: How do you find that perfect position, “just right.”

One offered too little and left enough out to have her crave more, and yes she did. I get that as a marketing strategy, but it can be frustrating to them to walk away without their curiosity relieved and their appetite to learn filled.

One over-loaded with too much, so the partaker was so wobbly with all that was provided and consumed that the main point was missed for the details, especially when piled too high. Too much, makes the message too muddy, since we have too little time to evaluate.

The ideal portion size?

Only you will recognize that, and you can judge with external signs: from their body language, the speed of notes they  are taking, their eyeball contact with you, the questions they ask, the follow-up questions others ask afterwards, the comments you get, getting asked back for other gigs form the same organization,

Then there’s the solicited review you seek from the person who hired you to speak. Imagine knowing you hit the right hunger with the ideal portion when you receive a comment like I did:

Over 80% surveyed named your session most valuable at the conference.

Play with the portion size. Test the audience perception level.

Set your stride and the ideal will come with time. You’ll learn when it’s “just right.”