I read a lot of posts from connections. Often I mentally note that I am seeing the same posts again and again, day after day. Not the newest ones.

So I did a little digging and there was the reason, right in front of me:

I had my posts stack-ranked by “top” and not “recent.” So I changed that.

And I started seeing more frequent and new posts soon after they were posted, algorithm permitting.

See the below graphic for the location to click this change (BTW, it only works on the desktop version of LinkedIn).

Pretty basic, huh? The un-basic thing is, LinkedIn in its infinite wisdom (?) will change it back to “top” at some point later on, so this is a change I have to , and you should also, select regularly. From the Help Center; “Note: Your feed will default back to the Top setting when you leave the (Home) page or after four hours of inactivity on the homepage.”

Ugh. Why can’t I decide for myself? LinkedIn, if you are reading this, can you make that a setting I can control?

And on a tangent, to get your top most-favored connections’ posts as soon as they post them, ring their bell. I covered that in a previous blog post.

So there you have it, 2 ways to read the newest and the best posts and now I encourage you to comment back and make this a global conversation please.