smiling senior indian woman near old church bell

When you look at a connection’s personal profile page, you may notice a white bell with a grey outline, in the top right corner of the first white box, right under their banner.

Ring it (as in click it) to be placed on a subscription list to receive their posts immediately as they post them on LinkedIn. Once you click it, it turns to a black bell.

Now wasn’t that easy? And why would you do that?

That eliminates the waiting for the algorithm gods on Mt. LinkedIn to decide if you, as a mere mortal, are worthy of that post eventually drifting onto your Home page. You get it right away.

So, no more missing a great conversation. Now you are in the know.

And you already know whose posts you enjoy, appreciate, learn from, take you into a deeper appreciation of their area of expertise. Ring them, as in click their bells. Add them as you wish.

You can also un-subscribe if you wish, by ringing a black bell and making it white again, so their feed to you is discontinued. Which reverts you back to the algo standard….

More on the bell from LinkedIn Help can be found here.

Don’t forget to comment back to them–in words–not emojis, please! Tell them why you appreciate the comment they offered, how your experience has shown you the wisdom of their post.

Ring, ring, ring.

Make beautiful music.