Sometimes I don’t need to look very far for inspiration to post here. This morning I awoke to this:

Hey Marc, have you ever wondered how these big E-comm players keep advertising smoothly on FB while you are struggling with FB bans and spending limit restrictions? What if I show you, how you can get this ban-proof FB ad account without any spending limit? Would you be interested to know more?

To which I replied back to this errant connection request:

CARDINAL RULE ON LINKEDIN: don’t introduce yourself by selling anything. If you had taken any time to read my profile you would have seen how off the mark your intro was. Declined.

Yes, I am yelling by using capitals.

To him I say: Don’t pitch me. Especially about Facebook on your LinkedIn intro.

Next I suggest: Grow up, be realistic, and be recognized for the capabilities you earned by those who admire and refer you, not by machine gunning LinkedIn with garbage in the hope that something will stick.

Folks, you receive these too. Call them out and decline them with a moralism because they will eventually get the point. Eventually. Optimism.