LinkedIn is self-policing.

If you see something, even if it just feels weird, you need to let them know you think it’s wrong.

Indeed that happened to me last week.

I have Google report to me anytime my name or assets are mentioned online so I can police these situations, like I am now, when they are used without my permission.

Almost all the time I am aware of why this appeared because I was behind it. As in a podcast or article appearing.

But once in a while I can’t explain it and I have to take the stance that this could reflect poorly on my brand.

Back story: I created a LinkedIn company Page for connect2collaborate, my LinkedIn consultancy and within that Page, a showcase page to highlight my books.

One book’s showcase page was mention in an @ tag by someone I do not know, in a context that is not at all related to the book. Just off the mark.

I politely replied to their post asking them to remove it. Nothing happened in a few days.

So I decided to report it to LinkedIn to have them intervene. There’s a form to submit for incidents of incorrect attribution and rights infringement.

Even if in error, it’s worth starting this investigation process.


I closely defend my brand, optimize it with deliberate actions, and cannot tolerate any mention that may not reflect well on it.

So I am the one who will defend it.

…More on this topic later when there is positive movement in removing the incorrect link to my book showcase page.

Stay tuned.

Has this sort of thing ever happened to you?

What did you do to address and solve it?

I’d be interested in your successes and and near-misses to defend yourself.