astronaut waiting at a bus stop

Sometimes when I think about it, I am waiting at the wrong place to travel to the place I seek. Yeah, oddball comment, I know.

But in seeking a photo to accompany this lamentation post today, I feel like the model above, estranged, in the middle of no where, left at a bus stop waiting for a rocket, anxious to launch to the next stage.

I have been waiting for LinkedIn Audio Events to be added to my toolkit.

Yes, it’s like Clubhouse but open only to LinkedIn members. So of those 800 million people, I will hold forth chatting to a select demographic situation they faced in the Great Resignation by midlife/baby boomers: angst in seeking an encore to their career. Finding strength can come from a number of others in the same situation.

Readers: please start thinking of those I should invite at your referral. (I intend to ask this again, once approved to launch this rocketship.)

This audio project will not be a thinly disguised advertorial for landing new business. I just feel as a boomer that other boomers may need a boost.

They need a semi-anonymous place (many tell me they do not want to show their face via live video like on a zoom chat) to voice their concerns, hear others’ similar stories, and connect to collaborate with them in a period of their lives that can seem so isolating.

So, you ask, why haven’t I launched this? Well, LinkedIn has not made it available except to a very select group of beta testers. I know many of my friendly competitors (“coopetors” as I call them) have it. And they are optimizing the genre.

I inquired and found out later that I had to apply to be a beta tester. So now I await being so anointed.

So LinkedIn if you are reading me here, stop by my profile, see what I do for others, and please open the beta test to allow me (and any others who want to include others in a healthy, productive audio conversation), instead of keeping us…in abeyance…hanging on….waiting…frustratingly so.

Think of the benefit a few can have on so many others.