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Repetition on coopetition

team coopetitionI defined my word “coopetition” in a previous blog post here.

I am fortunate to belong to a virtual group of LinkedIn experts around the world. We compare notes, tricks and help one another.

One “coopetor” complies data on monthly numbers of followers among LinkedIn experts.

I picked up the phone (gasp–who does that?) to thank her in person the first time I broke onto her monthly list. What ensued was an exuberant friendship and series of collegial comments back and forth. In my regularly thanking her for including me (I am now the reigning lucky #13 most-followed expert, and seemingly cemented there for a few months now), Brenda Meller has now invited me and few other coopetors to a Zoom session to chew the LinkedIn fat and chat.

She’s in Detroit metro, I’m in NY metro, and I am sure she will lead a great “chew,” with  other experts she has invited from Madison WI, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Toronto, North Carolina, the UK, and South Florida, when we all come together next week. Some I know and hope to get to know better. Some I have not yet met and need to know.

I always learn a lot from my colleagues. This will not be broadcast, but rather a chat among us. I’ll share new perspectives I gain from this collaboration and post here later on in new blog posts through my lens.

Competition + cooperation = coopetition. The best part: who knows what evolves from it??

2 thoughts on “Repetition on coopetition”

  1. “Coopetition” — a wonderful new word to add to our lexicon of business relationships. I am drawn to your new term because the quality of being cooperative is very important to me when I decide whether or not I want to work with people, recommend them or be friends with them. To me, being cooperative is being helpful. And why, as humans, would we choose to be anything else? When you broaden the scope to your competition, well, that’s an enlightened way to operate. I look forward to hearing more from you about your group.

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