Last week I posted about a profile that left me cold, “baroque-en” in the steps seeking LinkedIn engagement with them. It’s a process.

The corollary to the process of having a great profile is to recognize that prospects can drop by to read it 24×7.

Is it your strategy to only meet prospective clients when you are open, say, 9 to 5? More likely we entrepreneurs are found at our desks or checking in remotely for business communications, at all hours and days of the week.

Recognizing that business is transacted globally as well as locally, you’ll want to be visible, with your best foot forward at any time, so the reader get the full stride of why you do what you do, and encourage their next step: contact you.

Oh, and please show all ways to get a hold of you in your contact details on LinkedIn, including a mobile phone number to receive texts. (Amazing how I have to remind people to do this!)

Because that how we work: today, during the night, and tomorrow.