Being out of touch or out of context is not an excuse in today’s fast paced business world.

Being in the moment is expected: answering email the same day, making proposals and submitting them ahead of the due date, and other time-sensitive matters I am not mentioning in our hectic pace.

So when I encountered this sign on a shop door, I shook my head, left, and never came back.

A reader of your LinkedIn profile expects instant gratification: are you, or are you not, worthy of considering for possible business?

They will read as much as you can get them to, and they will make a snap decision. Yes or no? No maybes. No coming back later. No typos. Nope.

Are you ready to nimbly dance the steps it takes to show how capable you are, and does your LinkedIn profile show you are graceful and light on your feet?

Or is your brand on LinkedIn baroque-n?