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From their website: “PechaKucha’s 20×20 presentation format shows your 20 chosen images, each for 20 seconds. In other words, you’ve got 400 seconds to tell your story, with visuals guiding the way. PechaKucha means “chit chat” in Japanese.”

You’ve seen me speak in this blog of Ikigai, a Japanese concept, an oh so simple (as in brilliant and pure) methodology for getting to the heart of why you do what you do. In my LinkedIn profile coaching practice, Ikigai is immensely gratifying and liberating to some clients who are stuck and yearn to talk about themselves effectively.

It will be the topic of my eventual PechaKucha talk.

But where and when? I am looking for colleagues and friends and readers and to join me when I present an Ikigai Pechakucha in 6.67 minutes, to challenge myself to be less long-winded.

And there they can present as well, so let’s make a zoom party out of it! Free, fun, minimal rules, and a global networking opportunity too!

  1. So I will challenge you: Want to join me?
  2. What topic would challenge you present as a PechaKucha? Let’s make a Zoom party out of this…are you with me?
  3. Please, no likes on this post, just give me your topic and commitment to give a PechaKucha presentation on why something you want to speak about is important.

And let’s make our postpandemic-PechaKucha-fest happen!


PS: My thanks to 6 “Brains” on a fantastic network of global thinkers and good souls called, the world’s first knowledge marketplace, who turned me onto PechaKucha in our training sessions last week. Our cohort of trainees was ably led by CEO Max in Vancouver, along with my co-trainees Eugenie in South Africa, Yoka in the Netherlands, Gabe also in Vancouver, Ode in Montreal, and Lisa in Key West. Each is amazing in their own right and as a result of our collaboration, we are even “amazing-er” now. I can only speak for myself: I am so enriched by them!

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