ikigaiwithjapanesetitleYes, ikigai (pronounced icky-guy) and it means “a reason for being,” a Japanese philosophy I just became aware of that I want to share and would like to have you add its concepts to your LinkedIn profile.

It consists of 4 intersecting circles, each one comprising 3 subconcepts and the intersection of all segments define your ikigai, your raison d’etre, your reason for being.

Each day this week I will explore a new circle with you and by Friday we will wrap up with the finale, in essence, why you do what you do, your ikigai.

What You Love (topmost circle)

It’s the passion you bring with you for something that you would do first, would rather do than any thing else. It’s the mission you seek to accomplish, above all others. The intersection of passion and mission is what you would take extreme delight in doing,  and feel that you accomplished something well, a feeling of mental and emotional  fulfillment.

I try not to make this blog to much about me, but will use my insights as an example for you today (and perhaps the other days this week to make my point. Your observations and “fill-in-the-blanks” will be different).

What do I love? If you know me, it’s definitely eating my way through New York City, exploring all it offers to educate and enlighten me: its tastes, smells and textures, its origins and melding of food combined with the cultures and that deliciousness that I crave. It’s my passion.

Additionally, “hunting” as I call it to find a new fave, showing others what I know and enjoy, where to buy these items best, seeing them enjoy it too, and introducing them to other tastes and aromas they would never try on their own, while trying to make myself understood to someone who doesn’t speak English and succeeding with some new story to tell about New York and its hundreds of cultures: it’s a mission of sorts, to share the goodies, so to speak.

The intersection of my passion and mission: a meal well eaten, snacks sought and experimented, all sated and well quenched: it’s the delight of the knowledge that I have appreciated and enjoyed anew and renewed.

Does it make me money? Am I an expert and good at it? Does it make the world better? The 3 answers: no, but I’ll think of how to find a way; not yet, but I keep practicing; and while it is not my intent, it makes me a little bit more a global citizen.

The LinkedIn connections to his circle? None really, but I do share when asked about a great place to sit down and try something new, so message me on LinkedIn and I will share bakeries, small shops in the Bronx, deli sandwiches, you name it.

What’s your “What You Love”?

Tomorrow: What the World Needs

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