Network up.

Up your game.

What goes around comes around.

It’s better to give than receive.

No, I am not writing jingles for lottery ticket sales, unless you see networking as a lottery.

I see it as an art. Each networking artist has a different take on creating their masterpiece.

You either learned it along the way and perfect it every day, or you make a shallow attempt knowing you need to be in it and start refining your approach, to make yourself an apprentice of the craft of connection.

Practice, fail, lick your wounds, get back on the horse, try again, make progress, and keep that trajectory of making it an art rather than a chore.

Use LinkedIn. Of course!

Use humor, carefully.

Use personal outreach.

Use a phone when needed. Use zoom when it’s right.

Use well-placed words and graphics.

Be a giver.

Keep going.

I'll be back next Tuesday. Happy Memorial Day.