I was asked in a recent panel what one piece of advice I would give to others that markets myself successfully, and I decided to dwell on being in the moment. Responsive. Resilient. Reliable.

Not tomorrow or next week. Now.

You were e-intro’d to me today? You got an email from me that same day.

You emailed me? I replied that same day.

You asked a question? I responded with not only how-to, but why-to. With a dollop of marketing advice on top.

You don’t understand something? I follow up to be sure my remedy worked for you.

You need to meet someone? I will make a warm, enthusiastic intro, if you deserve it. If the destination deserves it. Never if either of you cut corners, rely on hacks, click emojis, or display anything that seems lazy, under energetic, and/or pedestrian.

Being in the moment is more than timing, it’s about quality. The time aspect shows the volume of your enthusiasm. The quality of your reply tells volumes about you.

That makes your business voluminous-er. The rest cut corners. Stand apart.