“I think therefore I am” as Rene Descartes said. I say that too. You as well.

But it’s how deeply we think, or lack thereof, that differentiates us as entrepreneurs, employees, thought leaders, students, professional practitioners.

You owe it to yourself to post the best LinkedIn personal profile you can.

Make it reflect your thoughts, the process in which you find success, and expand upon the various ways you meet the world.

And tell us often via LinkedIn posts:

  • what you want us to know, we do not already,
  • what you want us to feel, that we may not yet appreciate,
  • what you want us to believe, to achieve better results in our actions, and
  • what you want us to do, to achieve improvements we can make together.

But how?

Underthinking your profile and posts means copying-and-pasting your resume to LinkedIn. Emoji-ing and not replying in words. How backward looking that is! How do hacks like these make you special, different, better, referable, hirable?

Overthinking your profile makes people feel they are drinking from a firehose and they shut down on you. They can’t appreciate what you are conveying without brainfogging over.

I am undergoing a seismic shift in my thinking process with a practice called DVL, digital visual literacy. It’s a collaboration with my highly esteemed colleague David Winkelman. Many thanks to you David!

And he offers quite a reading list to absorb!

Watch for great things to come out of this as I master it and employ his teachings.

Not underpresenting, not overpresenting, but just presenting my teachings and thoughts smarter, unencumbered, just better. To be amazing-er.

Stay tuned. I promise some new ways of looking at personal branding, networking, and LinkedIn marketing.

The wheels are turning a lot more these days…