My best question from a mentee this week was: how do you keep so positive?

Yes, today is the last business day of April. Those showers had better result in flowers. Because I have been marketing my butt off and I am anxious to see the ROI. But this is a long game. Patience.

If you are like me, you ride the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship, with its gut-wrenching ups and downs.

With warmth to bask in for jobs well done and the chill of opportunities that evaporated for no logical reason or the frigidity of near-clients who ghost you as if you had the plague.

Yet we persevere and pick ourselves up from the muck to move forward. Like sharks, who do not swing sideways or backwards, only forwards.

Hungry for that next great challenge or to help someone jump higher, go further, and leap off buildings in a single bound (we’re Superman and -woman, right?).

So into May we leap and dance around a pole that makes us happy and fulfilled as independent players in a tough game of blissful self-employment. Right?