Last Saturday it was time to go select the paint for the rooms we are redoing.

My wife called the store to be sure there was a color expert in the paint department and was met with a surly, dismissive attitude on the other end. All to ask a simple question.

Since we had an excellent experience with this store in the past, we decided to venture out in hopes that we would have an equally great experience as 8 years ago. So much so I blogged about it then.

With a welcoming smile Abigail rose from her desk in the paint department to help us. She spent the next 25 minutes going over a few creative ideas and recommendations from her experience and we left refreshed and determined to get this project done.

The LinkedIn pivot?

In today’s case, the initial impression on the phone with Mr. Personality nearly made us reconsider which store to offer our business. But a highly memorable experience from several years ago reinvigorated our desire to try them again, so we made the trip with some apprehension. We were rewarded by the right images, intelligent interpretation of our needs, and smiling thank you from another excellent salesperson.

Does your LinkedIn profile make the reader want to make the effort to “visit” with you and tap into your expertise? I hope so, as colorfully as you can attract them!