I have spoken here about how important choosing the right skills are, getting endorsements for those skills form people who have actually experienced you acing those projects with those skills, and how skills are largely unknown to get you found on LinkedIn’s search function.
You get up to 50 skills to self-describe your capabilities outside the About and Experience sections.
And last week LinkedIn made yet another change: you can now show up to 5 of your skills in the body of your About section.
Think of that as a huge benefit. The average reader skims your About and perhaps your Experience. LinkedIn has isolated these 5 top self-named skills to a small graphic to make them stand out.
Here’s a screen share of mine:

Now it’s your turn.

Identify the top 5 skills you already listed in your Skills section and put another spotlight on them. And yourself.

Make us aware of your why.

Enable us to find you for the right gig, job, opinion, podcast guest spot, etc.

5 skills. Your choice. Just do it asap.