I just answered a collaborative question on LinkedIn’s Career Counseling Skill page.

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I have offered a lot of advice and ideas on similar skill pages on different topics since LinkedIn introduced them a few weeks ago. I opine on topics for people in all walks of life and stages in their careers.

But today’s question has application to all of you reading me here and elsewhere so I thought I would repeat it here.

And attention! to those of you who copy-pasted from your resume to your LinkedIn profile:

The collaborative question was:

What are some of the most common challenges or barriers that career counseling clients face?

The subtopic quesiton was:

Lack of clarity

One of the most common challenges that career counseling clients face is lack of clarity. This means that they are not sure what they want to do, what they are good at, what they enjoy, or what they value in a career. Lack of clarity can make it difficult to set realistic and achievable goals, to explore different options, and to make informed decisions. To overcome this challenge, career counseling clients need to engage in self-assessment activities, such as taking interest and personality tests, doing values exercises, and reflecting on their past experiences and achievements. These activities can help them identify their strengths, preferences, and motivations, and narrow down their choices.

Click this link for my contribution that was aimed at everyone, not just job seekers.

After all these years of blogging I am still encountering this major faux-pas. I hope this helps clarify some LinkedIn things for you too.