I belong to a networking group that recently ran a display ad in a nonprofit’s commemorative journal for a MLK holiday celebration.

To publicize the group’s expertise, we decided to have all members post the ad, with a comment, to their LinkedIn feed. Being the resident LinkedIn guru, I posted mine first (see below).

The others began to try and I received a phone call from one of the members lamenting that he had tried and tried but could not get the PDF of the ad to post under his comments.

Aha! moment for me: I failed to remind them to attach the PDF as a word doc, not as a graphic (which IMHO would be the logical, but in this case the incorrect way to do it, a la LinkedIn’s inside-out logic we experience sometimes).

(I once covered this on the blog but with all the changes on LinkedIn, it bears updating.)

Yes, he could have looked this up on the Help Center but I appreciated that he called to ask me, and I let him in on the unintuitive secret I revealed to you 2 paragraphs above) and in thanking him for calling, I was able to squeeze in a reminder to him that I would be happy to offer my LinkedIn group training to his company at which he is CEO…never miss a marketing opportunity, huh?

Thanks, D, for the question.