Conversation is so truncated these days. We get by with brief soundbites of email or texts and think we have accomplished a lot.

No wonder our attentions spans are so short. These blips are coming in all day every day.


Savor a conversation.

I schedule 2 hour-long accountability sessions with great friends each week. It helps to get a fresh perspective from each other on what’s happening in our professional and social media lives. We work off each other: weigh in with ideas that the other has not thought of, explore them, trash some of them, expand some of them, and revisit them the next week.

We think. We converse, We elaborate. We enunciate. We trust. We laugh. We are real.

No hard feeling if the weekly session is postponed because something intervened. That’s ok. We catch up. Nothing fast to get the chore done. This is a major part of my week’s nourishment. We chose each other; we were not assigned.

No using shortcuts or hacks. We spend the time.

Not something that emails or texting or ChatGPT can provide. We are conversant. Qualitative. Nurturing. Real.

Are you?