Last week I spent 2 hours on a zoom call in a new year account review with my largest client, and its two new senior members.

At the end I offered to connect to them on LinkedIn, which they promptly accepted.

To on-board my new LinkedIn connections, I messaged them the following morning (see below) and I hope readers here can benefit from the tactic I used in the message and the article I “nourished” them with:

You made a great point yesterday on the phone about my being so customer service-oriented. I found this article that expands upon that comment.

I think we did a great job of taking advantage of the key takeaways at the end of this article.

I hope both of you can gain further from it, and thanks for relying on me as part of the team, in spirit!



Let your connection(s) know you were in the moment and cared enough to add content you curated within the context.

Why take this time? 

Simple answer: very few do it, so be appreciative and amazing-er in all you produce.