Great question this week addressing a fairly new function on LinkedIn:

Quick question Marc – Sometimes I start a post which I want to finish or post the following day, I usually can’t figure out where the Save as Draft is found – and when I do, then I can’t figure out where to find the draft.  Is there some simple button I’m missing?

Quick answer I sent back:

Did you check for that in the Help Center?

I am always here to help but when it’s something I can direct you to, it becomes a good habit to know how to, and then rely on, using the Help Center for mechanics. So I queried “save as draft” and got this answer. 

And to finish the answer to where it appears to go back and edit or post later, found in the first bullet point under Notes in the link above:

The draft of your post will auto-populate for editing and sharing when you open the Create a post pop-up window next time.

No question is a foolish one. But sometimes I need to redirect the energy to ask to the place to get the answer best.

Now you all know. Thanks to my colleague asking this week’s best question.

Keep asking me and I may redirect you to the Help Center or I may add a dollop of marketing advice if needed as well. Or both.