An article ran in the Washington Post last month that caught my attention. Thankfully.

It relieved me of the guilty pleasure of not making unachievable new year’s resolutions. No wasted words around things I would like to, but probably never, stop doing, or start doing.

I always longed for one simple way to remind myself that each year, including 2023, has to supersede the ne before, so I needed a talisman of sorts.  In essence, a lucky charm that would make me think harder. Achieve it better.

Simplest of all, this article called for one word. For the year.

Yikes! What one word could I invoke to remind me that I dedicate my self-improvement to that concept?

I thought about it all holiday week and for me in 2023 it’s become nourish.

Me nourishing others, and so you do not think it is a one-way street, it’s me learning from them, nourishing me back, how to be better at what we all do.


It comes naturally for me, but requires constant effort.

But this simple act needs lots of improvement to make me a lifelong ninja in our fast-changing world.

So watch me spread my nourishment to you. Observe and listen to me absorb yours back.

What’s your one-word way to post a goal in 2023?