I had come across Artificial Intelligence in a number of situations, and never thought so much about it that I would form a strong opinion.

But in the past 3 days, AI is all I am seeing.

It’s on my LinkedIn feed, my Facebook feed, in texts, in the new reports, everywhere. Globally.

I am seeing friends use it to supplement their unwillingness to write. I might add I do find typos and poor grammar in AI composition to be worthy of a grade of D or worse.

I also had a poll robosent to me to investigate my interest in letting the big writing robot in the sky write my blogposts,  not me. It was not a positive response on my part, but I do think I wrote it well.

AI is looming (cue the scary music) and I am not welcoming it with open arms.

It seems to “dumb down” writing. Please when LinkedIn eventually offers AI as its newest shiny penny, refrain from making it beast of burden. Make it your business to use human language to express why you do what you do.

AI can create artwork that is absolutely fabulous, but it lacks the personal style that makes an artist just that, rather than a technician.

Call me a curmudgeon. Call me an AI-phobe.

I do recognize that the world is trending in that direction, after so many posts about this topic? A Shiny penny? No, I think it’s unavoidable.

It is my sincere intention to provide you with the same quality of writing and conceptual thought that you have come to expect from me, every letter keyed in by me, without a machine to do the creative work. May be with its suggesting topics? I leave you that open-ended idea.

I promise you will still get me speaking with relevance and fresh perspective, from real-life situations, to you every business day.

Ask the AI elves for the same commitment.