Blogmaster’s note: Linda Bucher was referred to me as a kindred spirit who emancipates people to tell their gifts / strengths / superpowers, call them whatever you want, and stop holding back on self-definition, especially in social media. I asked her to write a guest blog piece and give it a LinkedIn twist. She nailed it, IMHO, and there are so many concepts in here that parallel my thinking, so I am so pleased to share her with you!

4 Truths That Lead to Purposeful Living

Years ago, when I was chasing someone else’s definition of success, I was focused on climbing the corporate ladder, increasing my salary, and upgrading my possessions. And it was working. On paper, my life looked bright, shiny, and enviable.

On the inside, however, I was unhappy and unfulfilled. While my accomplishments fed my ego and my bank account, they failed to fill me with joy. I soon began to question what I was doing and, more importantly, why I was doing it. For my entire adult life, I realized, I had been chasing someone else’s definition of success, never questioning my direction or asking myself it if that was what I truly wanted.

That little aha moment led to many more. I embarked on a series of deliberate and profound transformations that aligned what I’m doing and how I’m doing it with who I am.

“When you wrap what you’re doing and how you’re doing it around who you are, success and happiness will meet you there.” ~ Linda Bucher

The result is purposeful work and a purposeful life. I get to light the way for those excited about making a difference. I get to help them to discover their path, to balance their life, focus their energy, and to make positive ripples by sharing their gifts.

But there’s something greater at play. I envision a world in which the vast majority of people are making positive ripples by living purposeful lives and sharing their gifts. It starts for each person as they discover the following truths.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for. Know your worth and liberate yourself from the confines of your fears and insecurities and you’ll discover that the path to making a difference lies within you.

Your gifts matter. You have important gifts to share with the world. The knowledge you’ve absorbed, the unique way you synthesize it and the natural gifts you’ve been given are a potent recipe for making a difference. It starts with finding your purpose and your gifts and aligning your energy in that direction.

Own your power. You didn’t come this far to get only this far. With great power comes great responsibility – the responsibility to clean the schmutz off your light so it can shine bright. Heal your wounds, turn circumstance into strength, and cultivate the confidence to deliver the gifts entrusted to you by the universe.

You are here to make big, beautiful, ripples that no one else can. You are part of a greater purpose. When you begin making the tiniest splash, big, beautiful ripples ensue. As you evolve and expand, make those splashes by sharing your insights.

Social media, like LinkedIn, connects you with people who are interested in what you have to offer. Use it to spark conversation as well as share insights and learn from others.

In this post, I shared four broad, yet profound insights for living happily and successfully. I’ve made a splash. And the ripples naturally follow.

It’s your turn to make a splash. I invite you to share an insight via a post.  Tag me and others and invite comments and shares. You’ll soon discover how easy it is to make big, beautiful ripples.


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As an authentic, heart-centered master coach, mindset mentor, transformational speaker, show host, author, and MBA, Linda loves helping smart, multi-passionate people to make their mark on the world. She guides them through her Your Gifts Matter™ framework to help them to know their worth, align their gifts with their purpose, own their power, and make a difference. Her expertise lies in synthesizing her experience, skills and talents to coach, lead, mentor and teach

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