I get that question from time to time.

I am asked to review a profile, a post, a graphic, a marketing piece.

And when I already know its context and if I am familiar with the person behind the work, it’s easier to be objective and respond. Sometimes the answer, though critical, is offered constructively, in a professional way.

They asked. I am judicious in my wording, but not sheepishly mealy-mouthed; I want to be helpful back.

If you renovate your LinkedIn profile, just before publishing it, I suggest you ask your most honest and straightforward colleagues, certainly a few of them, “Does this sum up my persona, my value prop, my ikigai, as you know me?”

Brace yourself for the answers. You will love them or not.

If not, take the criticism in the vein you requested and they offered, as another perspective that an objective reader may conclude as they read your work.

I will admit it’s hard to swallow, and you need a resilient shell, though reason and logic will permeate it, but others’ help gets you closer to, more realistic about, how your points can best come across. How amazing-er you are.

Take their advice, perhaps sleep on it, then in a fit of creativity, add your special sauce to it, evolving, with a reasonable facsimile of what the others, and you, think you should be expressing about “why you.”

Now what do you think of the revised, new-and-improved you?

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