Hi, I think of you every day when I try to contact someone I find in connection to other activities. No way to do business with them, or even offer them an opportunity. NONE has their telephone numbers or email addresses.  It drives me nuts. It makes their Linkedin USELESS to me. And to them actually.

You cannot remind people of this too often.

Thanks, I totally agree, and will remind about this once again (I already did a few times here! and I’d prefer you thought of me for other LinkedIn reasons, but thanks anyway.)

So readership, and many of you are guilty of this: do you really not want prospects to contact you?

Are you living on a desert island?

If you fail (and I am serious-it’s a failure) to show your cell phone number and/or email address in your LinkedIn contact details, you alienate yourself from those who want to contact you.

So don’t complain there’s no ROI in LInkedIn.

You did this to yourself, he said curmudgeonly.