I received an ad to attend a Wharton course on executive presence and started thinking: is this a charm school for senior managers (and from my experience in corporate America, that would have been a valuable education for many of my former managers)?

Or is it a polishing of the patina that we all earned as we progressed in business life, in this course, for those nearer to the top than most. Or destined to near it faster with some training.

We’re getting warmer.

But wait a minute, it’s something I openly challenge and profess to all my clients: give yourself permission to look and seem your absolute best on LinkedIn.

Why spend $5000 to attend lectures among hundreds of virtual strangers, when you can get personal one-to-one TLC?

However, dear reader, you have to want to make that improvement. Or your will waste both our time, and your money.

You have be willing to self-assess to predetermine the result of your renovated profile: plan it, storyboard/outline/sketch  it (choose however you do it best), then draft it and tweak it, and retweak it some more before you upload your career narrative, piece by piece but all intertwined for best visualization of your executive presence on LinkedIn:

  • executive summary rolling up all your experience into 220 characters including spaces, all about you, like a short  ride in an elevator, as you pitch the reader in your Headline
  • then a longer-form “why you do what you do” in your About (2600 spaces including characters)
  • plus named Skills you learned along the way as we read your Experience narrative,
  • with the above bullet points reinforced in your Skills section,
  • Skills recounted as to how well you do that “why,” endorsed by supportive outsiders
  • even more detail added to your “how” by Recommendation narratives contributed by colleagues who can attest to seeing your exhibit those skills, expertly, while you were in their view
  • wrap all of the above together, enhanced by the extras you want to (have to!) share for a 360 on you: Publications, Volunteering, Organizations, Education, Courses taken/taught, Licenses and Certifications, Honors and Awards, Languages,

In other words, what can you tell us that makes you amazing-er, with the proper respect you earned and the executive presence appropriate for your stage in your career and life experience, so that people immediately get that rush of admirations and respect that you deserve and earned.

“Whoosh. Impressive,” they’ll say to themselves about you.

But wait. Now look at your LinkedIn profile: is your executive presence obvious to even the most casual reader?

Would you admire you?