Look at the banner on your LinkedIn profile. Is it adequate in showing you, in one quick glance, so the reader can identify what you add to the global business conversation?

Does it show you in action?

Does it demonstrate your contribution to online media, to writing books or articles, to others who benefit from your POV?

Yes, you are limited to 1600 pixels across and 400 pixels tall. But that’s a ton of space if used expeditiously, wisely, optimally. White space is your friend, but too much is not. Too little white space can overwhelm.

High rez graphics are expected. Anything less so is showing you in the fuzz of tech inexpertise.

If you are a multipreneur, show that in your banner (and I will add, that’s not at all easy!). If you are not, show the aspects of your single business that the reader can identify with immediately.

Color is commanding, although occasionally I see a black-and-white banner that really works, but that’s rare.

If you need help constructing a banner, see my earlier post on online sources. Or consult a graphic design expert to really bust your banner wide open, in the best professional way.

The banner is stop #1 in the eyeball journey your reader takes with you on LinkedIn. My colleague asked for artistic help renovating her Canva banner and received a markedly improved banner as a result.

That was the best question she could ask, peer-to-peer help to improve the vision of her brand. And one of the best questions of last week.