Ever posted something and from among all the comments you receive you want to spotlight one? Now you know you can (I didn’t) and here’s how, straight from the gnomes of creativity at LinkedIn Creator Mode:

You can pin one comment to your post. Pinning a comment is a great way to spotlight valuable comments from your audience and drive ongoing conversation on your post.


Follow the steps below to pin your first comment:

  • Click the three dots “…” on the right-hand side of a comment
  • Select “Pin comment”
  • The comment and its replies will automatically move to the top of the comments thread

Now you may ask, “What if I receive a new comment that I would rather pin?” No problem! All you have to do is click the three dots on the comment that you have previously pinned and then select “Un-pin comment.”

Now we both know.

Celebrate the most cogent comment on your post by pinning it to help lead your reading audience to comment and make it a global conversation. That’s our goal: to learn from each other in a joint effort, around the world.