I took a few days off. Did you notice?

Few posts, no newsletter articles, I tried (not so successfully) to post no comments.

I can’t help myself…

Still the daily blog posts, pre-scheduled to release each weekday morning I was away.

I decided last week to take a few days and go lighter on  social media, including LinkedIn.

I needed to recharge my mental jets and spend some time with family.

All good things that made me travel, so I am fortunate.

Do you take time away:

  • willingly and regularly?,
  • as often you can fit it in?, or
  • do you force yourself to leave the screen in fear of your business imploding while you are not babysitting it?
  • more successfully than I was?

I know I didn’t do any of the above enough, but this time I decided it was more me-time and my family-time than social media-time.

It’s nice not to be missed sometimes…