I have noticed lately, in the hope to urge you to create more content, LinkedIn is using its artificial intelligence and suggesting we riff off of some content others have posted based on key words and topics.

“No thanks, I’d rather source it myself,” I say.

In this case, a Philippino finance guy’s post gained 445 views and 11 comments. LinkedIn thought it would be something I would be in on.

Not so fast.

Why am I not sure? Primarily I do not know the source’s integrity and if he is worthy of respect, especially since he is someone whom I would rather follow for a while to gain enough confidence he is the “real deal,” not a sparkle pushed at me for the moment.

Next, and certainly as I have said here before, just because LinkedIn makes you aware of him, by no means are you to feel obligated to believe he is worth sharing.

Finally in all we do here, think critically and introspectively: how would he reflect on me if I share this (or any other) material?

Just like others hopefully think well enough about you in sharing your posts. Sound like a 50-50-proposition?