On another social medium I participate in a seed swap group.

One woman showed pictures of some flowers she was especially proud of, and yes, it’s fine to share one’s pride and accomplishments, as she related a story of how someone else gave her seeds a few plant-generations back and she has kept the line propagating every year ever since.

She asked if anyone wanted to keep the same promise. I jumped at the chance.

I direct-messaged her and I tried very hard to counter offer her some of my seeds. It is a seed-swap group, after all!

Nothing I had was something she needed, and she was lovely about it, and I really tried. We agreed that she would send me the seeds with nothing back from me in return. I am in awe of her generosity.

She’s paying it forward. Remember the movie?

My LinkedIn parallel? Offer to help someone without expecting anything back in return and the LinkedIn universe will serve you with buckets of dividends. 850 million people want to know you are offering your expertise, time and/or energy, without expectation.

Yes, pay, as in wait for the good stuff and it will come, forward.

But you have to be in the mix to offer something, or else do not complain you get nothing from LinkedIn.

Pay it forward to your connections. Your followers. Your Group members. On LinkedIn and elsewhere.