The new quarter awaits.

I am optimistic for a strong finish to the year.

The funnel is clogged. The pipeline is irregular. It’s the nature of my LinkedIn business.

Right now, the reasons I hear for not getting started with my proposals right away vary all over the proverbial map, but in all cases are personal issues.

Some face illness, or that of another, and need time. Others are just not ready to commit the time to invest in themselves, myopic in IMHO but nonetheless, fear of the unknown can paralyze. Finally, there are some whose business cash flow will not allow them to bite on my fishing hook. I will await their return to a better condition.

Do I like being in this position? Well, no.

Do I see a bright future? Hell yes!

Can we do this together? I hope so.

See you next quarter, bright eyed and optimistic to invest in yourself with my guidance as your Linkedin coach.