Today I want to turn to job seekers, yes, you folks who are unhappy in your current role and seek more, better, refreshment, and rededication.

First, don’t feel alone. It’s common, especially in this time of flux and uncertainty over returning to the office, or not, either mandated or urged on you, or not. But loneliness is not serving you well. Rise above it in stages.

Second, it’s a natural part of your career trajectory to grow out of a position. If you can’t find a better position at your current employer, get active and start your search. Peruse LinkedIn jobs tab at the top of every LinkedIn page you see, for example, and do so regularly. Like every day.

Third, growing companies are plundering stodgy, contracting ones and luring the best away. Be “lura-ble.” Be searchable on LinkedIn where recruiters and HR managers cast their net. Be ready to present your Linkedin profile as your combination resume and cover letter to companies who want to see you express why you. It’s a fast-growing service LinkedIn provides you and the hiring company to even the playing field to include you as you want to be seen and understood.

Finally, be optimistic, even if every Sunday evening you despair over another week of the grind on the hamster wheel. OK maybe I am getting too dramatic. And be optimistic every day of the week too, as we swirl and revolve in an unpredictable (in a good way) job market for our skills, built over our career years of service.

It’s up to you to be attractive on LinkedIn using each tip and technique you can amass to your own best benefit (and that’s what this blog has been, is, and will be all about.)