In a constant effort to keep these blog posts interesting and relevant, I will turn part of that responsibility back to you, dear reader: ask me LinkedIn questions.

The best one of the week will get answered.

Yes, I already get a lot of questions from former clients and other colleagues, but there are some of you reading me here that I do not correspond with and that gives you (and me) an avenue to discuss:

  • something you do not feel comfortable with on LinkedIn,
  • a how-to,
  • a why-to,
  • a what-the-$%^&-is LInkedIn doing with {a section} and how can I use it best?
  • etc. (the sky’s the limit)

So if you have always wondered about something LinkedIn and never had the gumption to ask, message me through LinkedIn or email me and ask away!

I will answer how, with a dollop of marketing advice to make the answer even more useful to pursue your goals and excel with your LinkedIn profile.

So, who’s got the first question?