See that gold LinkedIn logo next to your name on your profile page?

You once signed up for one of LinkedIn’s premium services.

And you forgot to cancel it if you no longer need it. Not an insult, it’s just one of many services we all buy and leave alone, to be charged monthly, small or large dollars, into eternity, at least until someone (me) asks you:

  • Check your credit card statement: are you aware how much they are charging you each month?
  • Did/do you use it?
  • Once a year? Less? More?
  • Do you know what benefits it provides you?
  • Have you used the benefits?

Here’s what you get. To LinkedIn’s credit they do a good job of articulating each service’s attributes.

But what about when you should stop paying for it if you don’t use it? Like everything else, that’s on you to decide.

I am just here to whisper in your ear, “Why did you let it go so long?”

You can thank me later.