My email inbox abounds with junk.

Stuff I never asked for, free advice I never solicited, simple cures for complex diseases I do not have, and act-now offers for free items I do not want.

It’s a rare email that arrives that actually captures my curiosity and deserves my attention.

And that got me thinking that there’s a strong parallel to how many really smart businesspeople approach LinkedIn, and their orientation is quite similar: spam in , clear it out.

Read for a nanosecond any LinkedIn profile and you are either yawning or rapt. Nothing in between and the vast majority of those experiences aggregate on the former. Ho hum, boring, copy-paste from their equally deadly resume.

People, listen to me, you will have greater success attracting the right people and business prospects if you invest time making yourself look and seem as fascinating as you think you are, for the obvious (only to you) reasons you know in your heart they need to consult you.

But they don’t because you have not made yourself look enticingly approachable. Professionally compelling. Uniquely offering your knowledge they need to tap into.

Back to my harangue, based on your LinkedIn profile, would you contact you to find out more about you?