Trying to breathe some new excitement into this blog, in addition to my Back to Basics Tuesday, I will sporadically post a new rhetorical question, just an abstract thought, on Thursdays, on a LinkedIn topic or not so.

So oblige me with some higher level thoughts, 3 of them to kick off today’s Thursday’s Thought(s), just to make you think a little bit more widely, more introspectively, than my usual posts.

So here goes, to inaugurate this new vertical, three what-ifs:

  1. What if we complained less about LinkedIn and instead, focused more on how we have used it effectively to open  new horizons through it?
  2. What if we used LinkedIn as a calling card to introduce ourselves, as we want to be known, rather than rely on someone else to do so, as it is almost always not so effective?
  3. What if we used LinkedIn as a conduit to speak to people we would never meet in person, to help  educate them, to encourage them, to learn from them, and best of all, to connect at a higher level to collaborate with them?

What ifs.

I welcome your comments back in answer to my open questions above. Not to like this post, but to open any of the three what-ifs into a global conversation among peers. 

What if that really happened?