So many choices on LinkedIn, so many buttons to press,  several dropdown boxes to select from, new sections to allocate important information arise spontaneously.

But it comes down to 4 essential places to concentrate your best and brightest written self-assessment on a LinkedIn personal profile:

  1. Headline
  2. About
  3. Experience
  4. Skills

Yes,the other sections are scanned, but these 4 command huge respect. All 4 are searchable for keywords by savvy database hounds, for more efficient choosing from among so many prospective choices competing with you, yes, these 4 places impress a casual reader with a fast but short attention span,

Chapter 2 of a novel is never read unless the preceding chapter compelled page turning.

3 depends on 1 then 2.

Chapter 4 depends on 1 through 3, iteratively.

For these 4 “chapters” of your LinkedIn profile, compel the reader to want to delve into your narrative and you can thus achieve your goal: contact from the reader, earned because you engaged them.

As I did, use metaphors and similes, the best learning tools, as we judge by association and recall by identification.

Make the reader want to know more. Make it easy to get a hold of you. Make them comfortable in their contact with you to parallel their reading your profile.