My work does not belong on TikTok. Wrong marketplace and demographic.

I know that.

This guy does not, and look what he sent me in an unsolicited LinkedIn connection request:

Hey Marc,
Impressed with what I’ve seen about connect2collaborate. I’m curious if you’ve adopted a successful ads strategy on TikTok?
In terms of ROAS, TikTok is blowing the doors off Facebook. 369% more impressions per ad dollar. Could we chat?

To which I replied:

As a LinkedIn coach, I teach that you NEVER, EVER try to “sell” someone on LinkedIn when you do not even know them, they do not even know you, without concern what their needs are, why you vs. the competition, so you have broken a cardinal rule of trust as an integral part of sales.  Go spray your advertising somewhere else.


And I was being nice.

I said this before and alas I will have to say this again and again.