Perusing a prospective referral and his firm, I looked at his LinkedIn profile.

Yadda, yadda, yadda, usual lawyer resume-y profile until…(cue sound of brakes screeching}:

In practice 40+ years, 1 recommendation received, and this is what he is proud to show to demonstrate yeoman efforts for his clients!

She, the recommender, could not have gone further to show respect for his craft?

He could have asked for an editing with more information for the reader of said recommendation to make a decision, positive, vs the bad-taste-in-the-mouth that this left me.

Never gave a recommendation either, altho his is likely not promising.

Will you hire him? Nope.

Does he need my help? Yup.

Will he accept my suggested improvements? I give it a dim maybe.

Stay tuned folks, for “As the Profile Turns.”